About Sharing Stories

Who are we ?

Sharing Stories is a collaborative venture promoting mental health in the UK and Uganda. Although our work is diverse, our shared values are enshrined in the aims of the group and are embedded in everything we do.

You are not better than us, we are not better than you, but if we are to work together as a team we can all be better

Yudaya Nanfuka

Our guiding principles

  • Our collaboration is a learning process based on an exchange of ideas, experiences and services
  • All voices have equal value
  • Respect, listening and humanity are at the core of our collaboration
  • Activities should be of mutual benefit to different groups

Learning through sharing

We recognise the value in lived experience and the power of sharing with others. We aim to harness the benefits of sharing stories about mental health to improve knowledge and understanding in both Uganda and the UK.

Collaboration and inclusivity

We believe that the benefits of sharing stories can have a positive impact for people who access services, their families, friends, their wider communities and the professionals and services that support them. That is why we aim to include people from all groups who can benefit and ensure that the diverse nature of our communities and their experiences are represented.

Fairness and equality

We are committed to treating everyone with equality, regardless of their role in the group or its work. We strive to ensure that Sharing Stories members and the people who we meet and work with are all treated fairly. We will attempt to minimise power imbalances where possible and provide everyone with an equal voice.

How we are funded

Sharing Stories relies on funding from charities, donations, and project specific grants. We raise some funds to complement and extend our grant funded work by selling crafts which are produced by independent artists in Uganda, all of whom have experience of mental health services. Buying these crafts not only supports our work but also directly helps individuals in Uganda to develop and grow independent sources of income.

If you are interested in buying any of our crafts, please do get in touch for an up to date list of our stock as this changes regularly!